The CareWay Informatics Big Data Healthcare solution includes a full scale information integration, data management and data warehousing architecture – all designed to improve the speed and quality of your organization’s decision making and overall healthcare analytics processes, regulatory compliance and financial management. CareWay’s solutions are specifically designed and tailored to facilitate confident decision making at all levels within your organization, allowing complete focus and concentration on achieving those important organizational goals that matter most.

In Big Data Healthcare Analytics…

We recognize that data as a whole, is first and foremost about ensuring that your organization has all of the important data at your finger tips in real-time; and for that specific reason, our analytics practice works extremely close with our integration teams for every project delivery, to ensure every inch of the solution is geared towards what matters most to your business goals.

Come by and reach out to us here, and ask about our overall healthcare analytics experiences, and how we are able to help your organization visualize through a new lens of meaningful and results driven data.

Big Data Healthcare

Turning Healthcare Big Data into Reality

When our customers envision a big data healthcare solution, they rely on us to turn their overall business intelligence vision into a reality, through the pragmatic use of existing applications and the appropriate addition of new and emerging technologies.

Our analytics consulting team applies global knowledge to integrate the most optimal solutions for superior customer satisfaction – guaranteed.

CareWay Informatics can provide you with a robust end-to-end integration roadmap, that will help your organization plan and meet all future IT healthcare needs.

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CareWay Informatics provides a full end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) and Health Analytics solution, that enables healthcare organizations to achieve measurable improvements by surfacing and collecting data from any clinical, financial, or health information system.

Our flexible approach relies on the Microsoft Analytics Stack because of the pragmatic, well performing, and cost effective approach of the Microsoft Technology offerings.