The health information management consulting solution at CareWay, is a web based application efficient and powerful enough to meet full requirements of medium to large scaled healthcare organizational demands.

In such establishments, paper work is quite extensive and can be extremely time consuming. In additions, these documents are physically stored over a number of years, with little to no real “backup” plan if something were to go wrong.

Many healthcare organizations are still following paper based methods, filing their entire process of creation, editing and sharing. By ignoring a health information management solution, these processes are done manually which can be become inefficient, unreliable, costly and unsustainable to say the least. In most cases, this can become a hectic, time consuming and very costly outcome to have multiple resources managing and tracking all documentation.

Concerns and the Health Information Management Solution

Many healthcare organizations do not realize the loss they sustain by maintaining documents physically. Searching for a document with hundreds, if not thousands of records will cost human resources and their time substantially with the traditional paper based methods.

The unfortunate circumstance is that marginal incompetence and carelessness while handling high priority documents can prove disastrous. But that’s where CareWay’s healthcare information management consulting solution takes into full-effect. From the implementation of a secured digital store with real-time access, to the capabilities of hosting, organizing and delivering information effectively on command, is what puts CareWay’s solution above and beyond what the competition can offer.

Health Information Management
Health Information Management Consulting

Any organization can overcome all the hazards by adopting an electronic and automated approach for a health information system. By doing so, proper workflow structures can be incorporated to create, modify, access, review, approve and search documents of all sorts.

With the health information management solution designed by CareWay Informatics, users can freely create, edit, modify, share and search documentation of all sorts, both within the department and across the organization as a whole.

Regardless if there is only one location or multiple, we have the expertise to tailor your solution to meet any specific business requirement.

Service and Solution Features Include:

  • A Secure Web Based Service
  • No Client Installation Required
  • Full Security Access and Control
  • Full Backup and Recovery

  • Easily Create, Review and Approve All Documentation
  • Class Leading Search and Indexing Capability
  • Tightly Integrated with MS Active Directory

  • Full Reporting and Metrics Capabilities
  • Automated Emails, Escalation and Workflows
  • Supports Multiple File Types (Word, Excel, Text, PDF, AVI, etc.)