Healthcare Technology Consulting – The CareWay Approach

At CareWay Informatics, we believe our approach to healthcare technology consulting is more than just unique. Our team of professionals will focus on examining a number of specific areas within your organization, to uncover both recognized, and unrecognized business pains and current successes for further optimization opportunities. With highly experienced technology consulting offerings, we assist to deliver long-lasting and tangible results within your niche business requirements, to optimize what matters to you, and the positive outcomes of quality patient care.

Our Full Stack of Healthcare Technology Consulting Includes…

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare Consulting, Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Better data means better healthcare. In order to improve outcomes and lower costs, stakeholders need to share data and have complete access to it.

CareWay can help you figure out how to turn your data into actionable insight. Our analytics team offers the expertise in business intelligence and predictive analytics tools, data warehousing, information exchange and interoperability platforms.

Our hands-on approach will assist you to integrate data from various sources, optimize visualizations for a single source of truth, measure performance and patient outcomes, empower healthcare providers to ask and answer their own questions, as well as deploy self-service analytics for individual users, teams and an entire healthcare organization.

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Healthcare Interoperability

At CareWay Informatics, we believe that information should move freely between health information systems within and across organizational boundaries. The benefits of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Computerized Physician Order Entry systems are well documented; they offer better and more efficient ways to manage critical medical information, reduce administrative costs, and improve patient care.

We can partner with your organization to ensure the success of a complete EHR implementation. From the initial discovery through post go-live, our healthcare technology consulting team will engage the organization´s care providers, to help them develop comprehensive solutions that mitigate their greatest performance challenges.

Healthcare Interoperability

Lean Process Management in Healthcare

Business Process Management

More than ever, efficiency within the healthcare industry is a major concern for policymakers, clinicians and patients alike.

Implementing Lean Business Process Management (BPM), allows health organizations to automate key business processes, which enables them to better respond to industry developments, reduce the risk of human error, and ultimately improve patient care.

Our CareWay BPM experts can help your health practice establish a consistent, integrated and scalable Business Process Management (BPM) process, including a common language, tools and techniques that assure efficient collaboration among all processes and users.

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Health Information Management

Empowering healthcare professionals to provide better patient care and improve patient outcomes is the ultimate goal.

Our healthcare technology consulting team understands that Electronic Document Management Systems eliminate paper documents, manage unstructured content, and provide a centralized repository for patient records. Thus giving doctors and providers access to a broad patient history so they can better evaluate and correlate test results, compare images and patient histories, make more informed diagnoses, and deliver better overall care.

Our Team has unmatched and proven expertise in implementing end-to-end document management solutions in complex clinical environments. CareWay Informatics can offer a blended solution of healthcare and workflow subject matter experts, with experience in designing and implementing document management systems in clinical settings, and a deep knowledge of clinical legislative requirements.

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Health Information Management

Healthcare Informatics
Healthcare Informatics Management

Executing your healthcare IT project is challenging to say the least. From pre-implementation assessments and planning, to system optimization and ongoing support; CareWay’s healthcare analytics team has the skills and experience to help you achieve overall IT service goals, navigate regulatory challenges, and optimize your potential to deliver the highest possible level of patient care.

At CareWay, we understand that every organization is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to steer the project toward success. No matter the challenge, our team of talented professionals from the healthcare, computer science and information technology industries, will focus on delivering practical and enduring results that matter most to you, all while using a tailored approach that takes into account the unique requirements of your healthcare organization.

Digital Integrated Healthcare
Healthcare Digital Integration
Healthcare Integration
The CareWay Informatics Physician Portal Benchmark Assessment, is the first step towards a complete portal solution that will help an organization improve service delivery.

Why consider a web portal in the first place?

The portal solution created by our team can help the overall organization address issues such as patient safety, compliance, eHealth, and the growing demands of an aging population. Our Physician Portal Assessment is the first step in moving toward a web portal solution that is scalable and standards-based. In just four short weeks, our web portal consultants provide the baseline for developing your digital strategy by defining business requirements, describing current state analysis, performing a gap analysis, and providing the most optimal recommendations.

Lean about our Integrated Health Services
Is your healthcare organization well served by its web site? Can the site be improved to become completely mobile friendly and optimized to it’s full potential?

Imagine a web site that welcomes your patients by name, meets their needs by providing them with tailored content, and gives them access to the services and resources they require right away.

CareWay’s healthcare technology consulting team, can assist you in transforming your web presence into an end-to-end patient portal that satisfies the individuals information needs, and connects your patients directly with the organization. We can help you quickly and efficiently implement a fully optimized web portal (and mobile friendly) solution that provides measurable value to your organization.

The Advantages of Healthcare Digital Integration