The “Lean Healthcare” Process Management Solution from CareWay Informatics is based on the e5 Workflow Manager, a leading edge Microsoft-based, work management optimization platform.

Based on Lean in Healthcare thinking principles, CareWay Informatics augments and transforms your current software and IT investments, turning manual processes into lean healthcare streamlined operations that meet your business goals.

Lean Healthcare

Leveraging your Microsoft Suite, the “Lean Healthcare” Process Management Solution delivers a highly custom dashboard that incorporates intuitive process mapping software, allowing your internal analysts to quickly automate and continually optimize the overall advancement of the organizational operations.

Challenges and the Lean Healthcare Solution

Every healthcare business with a highly active front or back-office is faced with the same challenge; improving the time to complete a task while reducing processing costs.

Coupled with ever increasing audit and compliance requirements, the costs of doing business continues to spiral, making this challenge even more daunting to most organizations.

The benefit of Lean Process Management, is the full control of the workflow.

By assigning tasks to appropriate workers at the right time, and automating those mundane repetitive tasks, IT manages are empowered to make more accurate decisions for more optimal work quality outcome and compliance.

Key Principles of Lean in Healthcare

Organizational Insight

Provide detailed information on service level and productivity metrics, to help management identify opportunities for change and the results of change.

Business Best Practice

Built into the processes so the business can continuously improve customer interactions and measure how well they execute on business processes.

Internal Resilience

Lets  knowledge  workers process work from any location or server, to ensure ongoing completion of work within service level timelines.

Agile Capabilities

Configurable solution which ensures that process owners can see the impact of a change within a matter of minutes.